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Scott SmithI really appreciate when folks who attend my workshops share their thoughts with me. So please don’t be shy – I appreciate all constructive comments. Here are thoughts from some people who have attended my workshops:

“The first workshop we attended was Scott Smith’s flogging demo and we found it to be fantastic, funny and very educational. We especially appreciated the special treat of being able to have one-on-one time with the speaker.”

“Scott, your rapport with your audience and your sense of humor are great!”

“Scott is renowned for his knowledge, intensity, and excellent communication skills!”

“Dear Scott, I did wish to tell you of my appreciation in a gift you probably didn’t realize you were giving during your class. It has been a long time since I have gotten taste of a Sadist. I have given much thought in the past if it was still a part of me. Thank you for answering that.”

“Scott’s presentation style is straightforward, easy to follow and damn entertaining. He covers the technical aspects in easy to understand, concise manner that is easy to understand. His knowledge and experience speak for themselves but I never felt him talking down to the people in the room.”

“Scott showed that a demented, evil, perverted mind has very few limits!”

“I love Scott’s presentation style, he definitely knows his stuff!”

“You need more like Scott!”

“Scott is a very entertaining presenter, and kept me bouncing between laughing (or doing that sadistic giggle thing) and thinking, Oh fuck, that’s evil!”

“Holy shit, that guy was intense!”